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  • Remember to set aside some time each week for togetherness even though your schedules are jam-packed with commitments such as work and social engagements. Having a pleasurable time, like a date or sexy time, is ideal, but even simply shutting off the TV and chatting about your plans for the future while sitting on the back porch may draw you two closer.
  • Right or wrong is not the main problem here. What you want is to have a loving connection, not to be correct. Spend more time being nice and you’ll have fewer arguments and more fun together.
  • If you and your partner get into a disagreement, try not to say anything that might destroy your relationship. Take a break and return to the conversation later when you’re calmer.
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  • Women are good at foreplay, much more so than men. They know how to please other women.
  • Sex may be had in a zillion different ways. Every time is a new fun session.
  • Shaming women for their sexual orientation does not exist. Both partners love and respect each other.
  • When you know each other’s bodies, sex flows more easily.

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